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Kids Beginner Guitar Course

Ages: 6 - 8

Tutor: Liberty Fowler

$190 a term

During our group guitar courses, you will learn necessary skills including:

  • How to play chords and transition smoothly between them

  • Specific techniques (including picking and strumming)

  • How to play riffs

  • How to read music, understand rhythm, and play in time

  • Musical theory (including tablature) 

  • How to play your favourite songs

Intro to Music

Ages: 5 - 7 

Tutor: Liberty Fowler 

$190 per term

During our Intro To Music course, you will learn necessary skills including:

  • The basics of 5-7 different instruments

  • Guitar & Ukulele:  How to hold it , parts of the ukulele/guitar, string names and numbers, how to read chord diagrams & how to play 1-2 songs

  • Drums: The parts of the drum kit, basic drum tab & learn to play 1 beat

  • Piano: How to sit at the piano, notes on the piano, hand position, finger numbers, 2 chords C & F & learn to play 1 song

  • Bass Guitar: How to hold it, parts of the instrument, hand technique, note names & learn to play 1 song.


Singing For Juniors 

Ages: 7 - 12

Tutor: Daniel Munro

$190 a term

Our group singing lessons designed for children cover the basics of:

  • Singing

  • Breathing

  • Posture

  • Diction

  • Pitch


Our singing teachers will guide beginners through the early stages of vocal progression, assisting with pitch training, developing timbre and keeping steady tempo. Students will gain confidence, sing in tune and work towards a live group performance at the end of the term


Ages: 15+

Tutor: Daniel Munro

$37 per lesson

Unlock your musical potential with our dynamic songwriting courses designed for beginners and seasoned artists alike.


Whether you're taking your first steps into the world of songcraft or aiming to elevate your compositions to new heights, our expert-led courses provide the perfect platform.


Dive into the fundamentals of lyricism, melody, and structure, while gaining invaluable insights into advanced techniques and industry trends.


With personalized guidance and constructive feedback, you'll hone your skills and unleash your creativity in ways

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