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At the Napier Music Academy, we believe that it is vital to apply your instrumental or vocal skills in a music group or ensemble. We place our students in groups of similar age, musical style and abilty. Each group is mentored by one of our amazing and experienced tutors, and together you will work towards regular live performances and music competitions including Rockquest, Battle of the Bands, Pacifica Beats and more!​​​​​​

Playing in a group allows you to work on a different set of skills. Being involved in a music group sharpens both your concentration and listening skills because you must listen to the other sections of the group. Playing in a group also boosts your team and social skills as you learn to cooperate with others in the group; a very important aspect of being successful in life. It is also common for people to gain lifelong friendships through activities like this. Being part of a music group also promotes discipline and responsibility as you don't want to let others in the group down. Most importantly, playing in a group is exciting and fun! When performing in a group, it can eliminate stress and stage fright because you are not alone. 


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