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Hayley Munro is the Napier Music Academy admin wizz!

Hayley, married to Daniel Munro (tutor also at Napier Music Academy), has been a singer & bass player for the past 10 years and is the other half of 'The Munros' duo.


Imagine Simon Garfunkel, Johnny Cash and June Carter had their genes spliced together to produce a man and a woman. The result would probably sound a lot like husband and wife duo Daniel and Hayley Munro.

After many years alone with a guitar, recording two albums and playing sad songs on stages with Eric Clapton, Tiki Taane and Don McGlashan, Daniel decided it was time for a change. He waited for a full moon and then used folk magic to conjure the singing fairy Hayley from the mystical north (of New Zealand). After a long battle which included teaching her how to play bass, Daniel managed to place a gold ring on her finger, sealing her with him in the mortal realm.