Meet The Team

  1. Brad Gamble
    An experienced bass player, singer, drummer and guitarist, Brad has been active in the music industry for over 10 years. Brad has toured with Phoenix Foundation, Lawrence Arabia and many other notable artists. Brad has released four albums with 'Golden Curtain' and a solo original EP. You may have seen Brad playing at Cabana, at the Napier Operatic Society in shows such as Jesus Christ Superstar or with his professional covers band ‘Stolen Records’. Brad is known for his dedication and commitment to his students, often giving up his time to provide extra rehearsals during weekends. Legend! Brad is available to teach guitar, bass guitar, drums and mentor bands in song-writing and performance.
  2. Annabelle Flood
    Annabelle, the founder of Napier Music Academy, is an experienced singer, performer and music teacher. Raised in rural Gisborne, Annabelle moved to Wellington for 10 years where she studied a Bachelor of Music in Classical Performance (Voice) at the New Zealand School of Music. Later on, she trained to become a secondary school music teacher and worked as HoD Music/Arts for 5 years. Annabelle spent two years performing on cruise ships around the world, where she performed over 1000 shows, before settling in Napier. You may see Annabelle performing in the weekends around Hawkes Bay at wineries, restaurants, farmers markets and other local events in the duo ‘Annabelle & Ash’.
  3. Margot Pierard
    The music obsessed Margot Wuts sang before she could even speak and then when she could speak, sang what she wanted to say! Margot, a member of the musical Pierard family, is an accomplished singer and has been playing violin since the age of 6. Always involved in various projects, predominantly jazz and funk, Margot is currently working on an album with Kurt Yates, with the aim to tour later on this year. Margot studied at Jazz school in Christchurch from the age of 16, and currently teaches voice at Taikura Rudolf Steiner School. Margot has also taught at Sacred Heart, St Johns and Flaxmere over the last 7 years. Margot says that music was at the heart of their family and also the biggest gift of her life. It is so important to share that with others - A privilege.
  4. Campbell Burns
    Campbell has been a musician for over 25 years, playing in a wide range of bands all around the world. Currently a solo performer around Hawkes Bay, he has also released various albums and EPs over the years, as well as touring and playing festivals. Campbell is extremely creative, exhibiting his sound installation works at the MTG Gallery and Hasting City Art Gallery. As well as teaching and playing music, Campbell also works in the disability field where he works with assistive musical technologies. Campbell completed a Bachelor of Arts (Music) Degree from the University of Western Sydney, and has been teaching music for more than 20 years. He has taught tertiary level music at the JMC Academy in Melbourne and also managed "Intuition' music school in Bondi, Sydney for many years.
  5. Lorenzo Pradel
    Lorenzo has been an active musician and teacher for the past ten years. Graduating from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Arts (Music), Lorenzo taught at places such as the Wellington Music Centre, taught privately from home and ran Saturday music programmes for kids. Lorenzo is a passionate musician, who was a member of Wellington supergroup ‘Brockaflower’, and is currently a member of hiphop/funk group ‘Tawhiri Funk’ while working on his own live solo loop project set to be released later this year. Lorenzo is available to teach saxophone (advanced), drums, guitar, piano, vocals (rap/hip hop) and band mentoring.
  6. Emily Armstrong
    Originally from Mount Maunganui, Emily has over 10 years experience teaching music to children at Mount Music school and privately to all ages in Bay of Plenty and Auckland. Emily is both a music teacher and an art teacher. She has Trinity music qualifications in classical guitar as well as a Masters degree in Art and Design. Emily teaches guitar (advanced), ukulele (advanced), keyboard and singing. She enjoys bringing an element of creativity to teaching kids and is interested in different learning styles and approaches to teaching.
  7. Amand Gerbault-Gaylor
Annabelle singing a song by Wellington composer Martyn Galea
Brad's EP - A Twin Moon
Margot collaborates with Professor Dynamite
Annabelle & Ash 'Music Duo'
Margot with Tropical Downbeat Orhcestra (Live @ Crab Farm Winery)
Stolen Records
Tawhiri Funk
Campbell plays/sings live for new years in Palmerston North